“It is good to have an end to journey toward; but it is the journey that matters, in the end.” ― Ursula K. Le Guin


The students revisited their unit on ‘civilizations’ and recalled how the barter system came into being. They then mulled over how trade and money have evolved over time.
The students were apprised of how international companies affect local trade and commerce. They also gained knowledge about consumer rights and responsibilities which culminated in a poster making task.



‘Conjunctions’ were introduced through a parody. Laughter and learning ensued after which the children were given slips of paper which had two pictures and a conjunction. The students had to make sentences based on their understanding of conjunctions linking the pictures together.

The students were intrigued to write a ‘photo story’. They were given a series of photos depicting a story that had to be penned  down in their own words.

They also explored the four types of genders namely, masculine, feminine, neuter and common. The students engaged in a listening activity where they illustrated various situations which involved prepositions. They also dramatized their favourite part of a story in groups.


During their Math lessons, students converted improper and mixed fractions. They also understood equivalence of fractions. However, they need to build upon their understanding that the same fractional amount can be written in different ways, for example 2/4 is the same as 4/8. Thereafter they attempted a summative assessment on fractions.

To tune into the concept of probability, students were asked to think of words that describe ‘probability.’ They came up with the words like possible, likely, impossible, maybe, certain, uncertain, no chance, little chance, good chance, often, rarely, 50-50.

Then they created a number line and placed all the words on the number line:



To enhance viewing and speaking skills, the students saw a video ‘जादुई चक्की’ and discussed  their understanding. They also revised all the letters of the alphabet and maatraas through reading. To enhance their writing skills they wrote words and sentences from ओ ,औ ,and अं maatraas.



To enhance viewing and speaking skills, the students saw a video which was based on rights and responsibilities of consumer’s जागो ग्राहक जागो and engaged in a class discussion about it. They also recited the poem कदंब का पेड़ (कविता), analysed its meaning and wrote difficult words that needed comprehension in terms of meaning and spelling. The students read the story ‘राजू की पोशाक ‘ and discussed about it. To enhance writing skills, they identified different types of Tenses (काल) and created sentences using them.


The students continued  with their  unit – Swimming . They did short sprints of 25 meters in freestyle and backstroke to improve their lung capacity and core strength .



The objective of the French lesson was to get well versed with the TD theme –‘How we organise ourselves’. Students watched a video in the language on the third line of inquiry- ‘Our responsibility as consumers’ and thereafter answered questions related to the same. They developed their thinking skills (comprehension and application) and communication skills (listening and speaking).



Students were introduced to the vocabulary related to trade in Spanish and watched videos based on the economic and monetary power of Spain as  part of integration with the central idea “Local and global communities are interconnected through trade”.

Students developed their self-management, social and communication skills by applying their knowledge of verbs and the vocabulary learned in class. They also had their summative assessment based on their knowledge of interrogative words, verbs and the conjunctions used in Spanish.



Students had fun while learning Scratch. They explored the tool thoroughly and strengthened their understanding by making a project on  Earth Day, using animation and shapes. They made a beautiful screen play on  Earth Day where they explained their responsibility towards protecting the planet. They enjoyed working on these tasks where they learned coding with different types of animation blocks and their usability. They further explored the tutorials in the application, which assisted them to create interesting games.



Connecting with the central idea, “Local and global communities are interconnected through trade”, students inquired about Indian folk art and discussed the role of artisans/ craftsmen in reviving and promoting folk art in the national and international market. They also observed, analyzed and related to the different Indian folk art visuals. Students picked up a folk art of their choice and created an artwork using its style and elements.



Dance lessons were focused on correcting posture of standing split and timing of dance routine which was followed by core workout. In addition, combinations of pirouette were practiced.



During music lessons, students learned and sang the song “Happy” by Pharell Williams .

They also learned about Music Scales (Major Scale).



Students were felicitated as ‘Crowned owls’ to mark the culmination of the reading programme at DPS International on  May 21, 2019. The celebrations began with the ‘wise ones’ dressing up in pyjamas as they curled up to do what they enjoy most…read. Students witnessed a puppet show while savouring their ice cream in the library.




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