“Creativity doesn’t wait for that perfect moment. It fashions its own perfect moments out of ordinary ones.” — Bruce Garrabrandt


Concepts such as demand and supply, net and gross profit and monopoly were introduced to the class through a story ‘Lemons and Lemonade’. Students were also introduced to the term ‘globalization’, which was followed by a reflection on how it impacts local businesses, using various strategies. They also discussed how factories in many countries have to collaborate while making all the components of the simplest of items like jeans.




Students attempted a summative assessment on ‘factors and multiples’, wherein they were given a choice, to display their understanding of the topic either through a poster, story or poem. Most of them expressed their understanding by making a poster. They were exceptionally creative in terms of design, layout and neatness. They honed their self-management skills by organizing the information in a logical order.

Tuning into ‘fractions’ was done through ‘the fraction boogie’, where each student was given a piece of the newspaper as a whole. The facilitator played  music and students danced on their piece of newspaper. Each time the music stopped, they folded the newspaper into half, one quarter, one eighth and so on. Eventually they unfolded their paper to see the folds created by them. This led to a great discussion about the different fractions being created during this activity. Manipulatives were given to the students to explore different types of fractions like proper, improper, like, unlike and mixed fractions. Frayer’s model was used by the students to express their understanding of ‘like and unlike’ fractions. They also plotted fractions on a number line.


To enhance their reading and writing skills, students read and wrote sentences using various maatraas(ई ‘इ, उ , ऊ). Students read a story  ‘Thirsty crow'(‘प्यासा कौआ)  with correct pronunciation of words and discussed the story.  To improve their vocabulary, they engaged in a spell bee activity.


To enhance listening and speaking skills, students were apprised of few incidents (घटनाएँ) and they also shared their own incidents.

To enhance their writing skills, students identified and made a list of genders (लिंग) in hindi. They also changed genders in sentences and re-wrote them. They watched and  discussed rights and responsibilities of the consumer through various advertisements /videos to enhance their viewing and speaking skills. To improve their reading skills, students read the important business news from the newspaper.


As integration with the current unit of inquiry, students were given an interesting poem ‘Lucky Trade’. They were asked to read the poem and answer related questions to gauge their understanding and enhance their reading and thinking skills.

The students wrote a story based on a series of pictures given to them. They enjoyed using their creativity to form an interesting narrative.

They were also shown an engaging parody on conjunctions to pique their interest on the topic, followed by an activity in which they had to form sentences in pairs using picture cards and conjunctions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEm0ljpIUAk


The students continued with their new unit – swimming. They were introduced to the basic skills of backstroke swimming such as head position, floating in supine position and kicking.They also participated in freestyle and mixed relay races.


Students received individual feedback on their homework on the concept of ‘Francophone nations’, following which they peer-assessed it. In order to properly assess the work of their peers, students were apprised of the assessment criteria. They developed their thinking skills (comprehension and application) and social skills (accepting responsibility and respecting others).


Students were introduced to a new concept of conjunctions in Spanish. They were given examples to understand the types of conjunctions. Students also enjoyed a Kahoot quiz based on the concepts learned in class, which developed their social and communication skills.


Students are exploring all the blocks and options in Scratch. Students used motion, looks, events and control tools to finish the given task. They further experimented with all the available blocks. Later, they added their their name (as Sprite) and wrote code to animate it by using the block controls. Some of them made their task more interesting by adding a flashy and continuously changing background. They are enhancing their creativity by applying various options of Scratch to do this task. They are gradually enhancing their logical and computational skills within a given task by using various tools.


Students continued working on their concept-based art on, ‘conflict and resolution’. While working on their mixed media, they are carefully forming collages with newspaper images, articles, and paints.

Students of grade 4B prepared and presented an assembly on, ‘Earth Day’ on May 2,2019. The assembly addressed Global environmental issues while focussing on Eco-conscious artists like John Dahlsen, Subodh Gupta, Vik Muniz, and Derek Gores. Students talked about the installations, abstract assemblages, collages, etc. created by these artists out of sheer passion and concern for the environment.


Dance lessons were focused on cleaning of a jazz dance routine. In addition, combination of jazz walk, isolation and pirouette were practiced and basics of kathak were introduced.



Students learned about the formula to form Major Scales ( Happy tunes). They also learned and sang the song ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams.


During their library class, the librarian assessed student reading logs by questioning students about the stories read by them. Final count of the books has been logged prior to felicitation before the crowned owl ceremony, which is a part of the reading program at school.

In accordance with the library policy, students will not be issued books for the summer vacation since it’s the time of year when all library resources are to be returned and accounted for and the library will be closing for stocktaking. To enable students to return books on time before the break, no new books will be issued from Monday, May 13, 2019 on wards. All library books must be returned to the library by Wednesday, May 15, 2019



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