“Excellence is a continuous process and not an accident.” Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam



Students started the week with a much awaited trip to the National Science Centre, Delhi. They were very excited to see large 3D prototypes of human anatomy on arrival. Various interactive games on body systems captivated their attention as well. Some students volunteered to participate in a quiz that aimed to test their knowledge on human body and health. Our young learners proved their mettle by completing the quiz in a few seconds.

Students also made flip books and digital presentations for the summative assessment on multiple body systems, their functions and interdependence. They suggested corrective lifestyle changes for the situations presented before them as a part of their summative.

Students deliberated on the new unit ‘Peace and Conflict’ introduced this week. They put their heads together to discuss what peace meant to them and came up with ways to resolve disagreements within and around themselves.


Students were introduced to report writing in their English classes. They discussed the essentials and listed them in their journals. Students drafted a  newspaper report using a graphic organiser which helped them collate their thoughts. Concept of personal and possessive pronouns was also brought in. to enable learners understand the usage of the same in their writing practices. Novel reading continued and new words with meanings were listed. Spell bee helped the students practice unit related words and homophones.


Students reflected on their understanding of angles and practiced constructing them in their journals. They were introduced to the concept of triangles where they classified them on the basis of angles and sides. They identified and outlined the characteristics of different types of triangles. They measured angles of a triangle and understood that the sum of all angles in a triangle is equal to 180 degrees. Based on this understanding, they solved sums related to the angle sum property of triangles. Students also attempted a formative assessment on angles and triangles. They applied strategies in order to solve mental math sums using quick calculations.

Hindi – Standard

Students enhanced their listening and speaking skills  by reading the story of Akbar and Birbal . They constructed questions and formulated relevant answers for the resulting questions.

Students read examples of formal letters. They discussed the format of a formal letter and wrote a sample letter.  Spell bee activity was conducted to reinforce spellings.

Hindi – Abinito

In their Hindi ab-initio classes, students viewed a story and wrote new words encountered while watching it. They also learnt to create questions in order to enhance their comprehension skills. They revisited counting, different ‘maatraas’ and ‘vyanjans’ by doing various exercises. They honed their reading skills by reading a story . Students matched the synonyms, marked the nouns & verbs from the same story. They also learned ‘U’ ki maatraa wale shabd and practiced sentence formation. They watched the video ‘Imandaaree Kaa Inaam’.


Students developed vocabulary related to names of different countries and nationalities through a video. They collaboratively learnt names of countries through a class quiz. The colours of the flags were written in French, which helped to assess their prior knowledge of colours and countries.

They  identified and sorted masculine and feminine nationalities using their prior knowledge of countries.

Learners also introduced a person of their choice using various cue cards given to them. They framed sentences for their name, age, country and nationality. To extend their knowledge, they even created their own cue cards and wrote sentences.

Students developed their thinking skills (acquisition of knowledge, application) and social skills (group decision making)




Students learned the uses of the verb Estar and its differences from the verb Ser. They focused on the application of both the verbs in different situations as they mean the same but differ in their application.

Students were also asked to practice both the verbs in a class activity, wherein they defined the acronym DOCTOR for Ser and also wrote conjugations for both the verbs together. They also made sentences based on the uses of the verb SER.


Students were introduced to Book Creator where they learnt how to add a page, colour, title of the book, images, sound and various other options to create an effective digital presentation. Thereafter, students were divided into groups where they collaboratively made a book on different body systems.


Students used a reference image to create their gesture drawing keeping the human body proportion in mind. They coloured their image and created interesting designs around it. Students are also in the process of preparing for their Student Led Conference.


Students created independent solo routine with music of their choice. Split and core workout helped them balance on their toes. They also learnt basics of Indian classical form.


Students were assessed on their singing, rhythmic skills and theoretical understanding of music. Each student sang a song individually, played a rhythmic pattern on the drums and answered a few theory questions.


Students continued with their unit on Cricket. The students were briefed about batting skills and practiced diving catches and high catches to improve their fielding skills.


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