Believe you can and you’re halfway there— Theodore Roosevelt

Students continued their exploration into the different kinds of body systems and their inter-dependence. Musculoskeletal system was introduced wherein learners brainstormed about the importance of muscles and bones. They learnt about different types of muscles namely skeletal, smooth and cardiac muscles. Involuntary and voluntary muscles were also introduced. Discussion followed about ways to keep muscles active and flexible. Various health disorders related to the same were also brought to the fore leading to a greater understanding about the importance of exercise and yoga. Skeletal system was also introduced where students learnt about bones. Learners shared foods to promote healthy bones with their peers.  They also made ‘healthy habit’ journals to record their food and exercise routines. This helped in creating more awareness about appropriate food choices amongst the students. It was interesting to read a wide range of reflections penned by the students highlighting their self-awareness about a variety of foods consumed over the weekend. Learners inferred the inter dependence of the body systems and the importance of a healthy lifestyle to remain in the pink of health!


Students were acquainted with the skill of extempore preparation and presentation. It helped them to understand the importance of having a wide knowledge base that could be built up by extensive reading about all kinds of topics. Learners were apprised of the essentials to be kept in mind while speaking impromptu. Students came up with topics like minimalism, exploitation of animals, dream vacation, global warming, how civilizations have evolved over the ages, impact of radiation, is home-schooling better than regular schools, impact of earthquakes on the world etc. It was interesting to hear their thoughts on such a wide range of topics!



Students attempted the summative assessment on data handling , area and perimeter . Furthermore, they differentiated between 2 D and 3 D shapes by identifying the properties of these shapes. They drew the shapes in their process journals and co-constructed  a formative assessment on the concept. They explored number patterns and created a few on their own.

Students were introduced to angles through a video after which they categorised different types of angles.

They watched another video to understand the steps involved in constructing angles with a protractor. Following this, they measured and constructed angles with the help of a protractor in their process journals.

Hindi – Standard

As an integration with their current unit, students wrote the names of body systems and discussed  their functions. To enhance their reading and speaking skills, students read and performed a role play based on a famous Akbar and Birbal story- ‘जैसा सवाल वैसा जवाब’.

The following link was shown to support the concept

Hindi – Ab inito

Students  read and wrote words and sentences from ए, ऐ maatraas. They also enhanced their speaking skill by reciting the poems ‘मीठे बोल’ and  ‘बरसा आई’. They learned ‘choti ‘U’ and choti’ U’ ki matraa wale shabd. They watched the story ‘jaisa sawal vaisa jawab’.They also wrote words and sentences with ‘chotee ee ki matraa’.


Students received constructive feedback on their homework – ‘introducing other people’, following which they self-assessed themselves. They developed their thinking skills (comprehension and application) and self-management skills (time management and organization).


Students practiced writing sentences based on the use of the verb SER. Also, students learned a new verb ESTAR which means the same as SER but it differs in its application.

Students were explained the said differences between the two verbs and their application in different situations.


Students were introduced to Virtual-Tee where they scanned the Tee-Shirt through an iPad application and learned about the various body systems and their corresponding organs. They were also shown the Human Anatomy 4D app where they used a 4D image to understand the interconnectedness of all the body systems.

Visual arts

Students  learnt  gesture drawing as an integration with their unit on ‘body systems’ .They  practiced drawing the human body in proportion using the 1:8 ratio. They sourced the image of an action figure to make their gesture drawing. Students are in the process of creating their artwork.


This week students stressed on pirouette preparations, starting with the feet positions to the spotting technique. Apart from that, they concentrated on spotting, style, and demonstration of different techniques used during the practice of their dance routine.


The students gave solo performances in the class and chose to sing or play some instruments. They learned and sang a song “you raise me up” as choir.

Physical Education

The students continued with their practice in cricket. The students were briefed about the fielding skills. They trained in catching, running behind the ball and throwing the ball to the stumps.


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